Your Best Friend Swiss Army-Inspired Pocket knife With 16 GB USB Drive

Your Best Friend Swiss Army-Inspired Pocket knife With 16 GB USB Drive Vista Shops
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Swiss Army Inspired true high-tech utility knife.

You have seen knives like this all the time but this is a high-tech version for modern times.
The earlier version helped you survive in the wilderness of the jungle, this high-tech Swiss Army-inspired knife helps you survive not only in the real jungle but also in the tech cyber jungle.  

The knife has a built-in 16 GB massive storage flash drive equal to 4 DVDs that can store your vital data and put you back in business in a flash if you lose your critical data.  Use it for backup or temporary storage to survive a cyber-attack.  You also get a flashlight with a red glow to ID yourself if the lights go out. One good thing you can also have is a built-in ballpoint pen and as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword, this may be true.. when you need it the most you will have a pen in your knife that slides out.

You Best Friend indeed! 


  • A product of Good Living in Style that you would really love and treasure as it truly comes to the rescue as a traditional survival tool when in need of a Flashlight that works on a button cell that can be replaced and is available anywhere, A Nail file, Scissors, and a Pen.
  • Comes neatly packed in a container that fits easily anywhere from small bags to back pockets. 




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