You Misst Me Very Much A Smart Fragrant Water Mister

$ 78.95

You Mist Me Very Much.. A Smart Fragrant Water Mister is at your service..


You don't have to miss anything now because what you were missing and dreaming about this hot summer has not only come to your reality but it is also about to come to your hands too in a shape and form of this Smart Fragrance Mister..!! It is very simple to use, just fill it up with a cup of tap water or add a drop or two of your favorite fragrance , then plug it into the charging port of your Smart phone and start enjoying crisp, clean and fragrant mist gets generated which you can enjoy on your face and hands instantly through micro molecule spray technology.. It is good for hot and dry atmosphere and can help relieve you from any symptoms of allergic reaction.. Always look like you been on a holiday and feel happy and relaxed with the Smart Fragrance Mister.. No filters to change, no batteries to charge and it has a built in safety timer so it will turn off automatically when water runs out ! Start Misting without spending hours in some costly spa and achieve the dewy look in moments..

..Nothing more to miss now when you have..You Misst Me Very Much ..!!


  • Made of polymers.
  • Powered by Apple or Andriod Smart Phone.
  • Luxurious mist is generated with water and sprayed with micro molecule spray technology on a press of a button.
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket, it measures approx. 3" round. 
  • Take it with you in the car, put it on a lanyard to carry it easily. 
  • Gets set up, add fragrance and it makes fragrant mist in seconds, try one now and you will feel the difference. 
  • It comes in soft colors like Ocean Blue Mist, Flamingo Pink Mist, Clean Green Mist and Lavender Mist.
  • It has 6 months Warranty on it.
  • Great for gift giving to your best friend and sister too.

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