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Woodchuck Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Woodchuck Retro Bluetooth Speaker Vista Shops
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A Rich, wood-look finish makes this speaker a classic addition to your home and office.


The easy-to-use controls panel includes a Power switch, Volume controls, UX cable input port, and microphone port. This Bluetooth speaker works up to 25 feet from the device. Their woody shades give an earthy and retro look to them.


If a woodchuck could chuck the wood, he would chuck as much wood as he could and make these Retro looking Bluetooth speakers! They look really desirable, get yours now.



    • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices like iPhone, Samsung, tablets, laptops, and computers.


    • Measures 6" X 3" X 3.3" - designed to fit on desks, bookshelves, and end tables.


    • 3-Hour charge time provides 10 hours of listening.


    • Includes micro-USB charging cable.


    • It comes in 3 woody shades to go with your decor.







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