Wearable Binoculars - Hands Free Binoculars And Eye Glasses Together

Wearable Binoculars - Hands Free Binoculars And Eye Glasses Together Vista Shops
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You say it's the eye glasses, we say it's the binocular!

Well, we both win because these truly are Hands Free Binoculars that you can wear like your Eye Glasses!  

With these wearable binoculars all you need is a map to your favorite destination and you are set to travel. Wear them during your outdoor activity and enjoy it like never before you also can enjoy games in the stadium a whole different way as if you are there in the front row or you can go to a music concert and watch your favorite star up close, performing live and enjoy the whole experience without worrying about holding the binoculars all the time.. !

You can put these Wearable Binoculars on the top of your head or let them hang from your pocket just like your eyeglasses normally do or put them  behind your neck on the collar anything you do, you are going to look smart and fun!  Your friends will be curious to know where you found those!

Easy to use just put them on as you normally would wear your Eye Glasses the Binoculars have adjustable range and focus to fit your needs.


  • Magnifies up to 3 times, which means the object you are watching seems like it is 300 % closer to you.
  • Strong Durable rugged eyeglass frame.
  • Unbreakable PC magnifying lens.
  • 300% zoom adjustable with side buttons.
  • Folds and stores neatly in available pouch, included.




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