Urban Smart Watch And Wellness Tracker

Urban Smart Watch And Wellness Tracker
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Urban Smart Watch and Wellness Tracker.  A watch that has it all it can do amazing things for you at touch of the screen like:

  • Gives you Time and Date
  •  It tracks your walking steps.
  •  It monitors your colories burned.
  •  It will monitor your Heart rate and alert you if necessary.
  •  It will monitor your Blood Pressure and alert you if needed.
  •  It shows you incoming messages from your phone.
  •  It monitors your sleeptime and anylyze it on the app.
  •  It connects to weather channel thru your phone and show daily weather updates.
  •  It works as a anti-lost alerter for your phone so if phone is away more than 100ft it will alert you on the watch.
  •  It is water risistant.
  •  It has comfortable TPU band and metal beazle
  •  Recharge battery by USB port single recharge will work for 3 days and standby is 7 days.
  •  Free App that can be installed on your smart phone for Apple or Android.
  •  Unisex design anyone can wear it.
  •  Six month Ltd Warranty included.





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