Ultrasonic Electro Toothbrush With Two Additional Brush Heads

Ultrasonic Electro Toothbrush With Two Additional Brush Heads Vista Shops
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Have more reasons to smile with Ultrasonic Electro Toothbrush...

Feeling lazy to brush twice a day? No worries, brush with Ultrasonic Electro Toothbrush just for a minute and get the same fresh and clean results you can get from 10 minutes of brushing with a regular tooth brush...This Electro Toothbrush comes with Two Additional Brush Heads just for you! It gently vibrates to brush your teeth, massage your gums and helps blood circulation in and around the mouth... Get rid of any food particles and stains caused by eating crunchy foods and drinking colas, wine, coffee or from smoking. Avoid tooth aches, bad breath and discoloration of teeth as this toothbrush works on your teeth like your dentist does!

Express yourselves and show your pearly whites with Ultrasonic Electro Toothbrush...


  • It is made of finest ABS and Dupont material bristles.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery and charging base.
  • Gentle vibrating action massages and cleans gums and teeth.
  • You will get 2 additional brush heads with one order.
  • It comes in a mint fresh color.




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