Twin Ports 3 In 1 USB Car Charger

Twin Ports 3 In 1 USB Car Charger
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Excellent features and reasonably good price are the USP of this USB Car Charger!

So convenient to use in any small cars, SUVs or minivans and widely compatible with your Smartphones, Tablets, Camcorders and more! Make better choices ...Why have a single port USB when you can have Twin Ports 3 In 1 USB Car Charger?! Get yours in both colors...

Get on a road trip with Twin Ports and you are covered all the way to your destination!


  • Made of durable plastic ABS material.
  • Gives overcharge protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection and more.
  • It measures 102 mm Long, and 44 mm Wide.
  • You get 2 ports with a cigarette lighter.
  • Input DC 12V-24V.
  • Output DC 5V-1A/2,1A.
  • Size: 102*44*21mm.
  • Each comes in 2 shades, Black and White and Blue and White. Get both, each sold separately.





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