Twin Bluetooth Earpods With Chargeable Box

Twin Bluetooth Earpods With Chargeable Box Vista Shops
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Keep your Smartphone in the queue any time anywhere...

 These Dual Wireless Headphones are designed with smart technology and a golden rim for style statement! They are also very convenient and easy to carry... Once you have charged up the box it will hold its power for up to 20 days with the most stable Bluetooth signal! Whenever you are down to the last drop of energy in your phone, just plug it into this the ladybug charger and your earpods will come back to life like it just had a triple energy shot. 

Twin.. a slick headphone and recharge box in one! 

Earphones are APTX error-free sound with noise cancellation.  One-touch connection to phone Bluetooth and is Siri compatible.



    • It comes in multiple colors.
    • Crisp Clear voice and one-touch phone answer no need to go back to your phone to answer.
    • Voice Command compatible with Siri and Google Home OR Echo.
    • Sweatproof and comes with multiple silicone earpiece to fit different size ear.
    •  It is very handy and can be carried in your pocket or purse.  no problem to carry on an airplane.






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