Turquoise Beach Muse Bracelet As Well As Anklet

Turquoise Beach Muse Bracelet As Well As Anklet Vista Shops
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Inspire the dreamy artist deeply gazing at the Turquoise ocean waves lashing on to the shore, trying to lure them on his blank canvas.

Be his muse.. Let his landscape capture the vision of these sweet and beautiful gemstones that can be worn as a Bracelet as well as an Anklet too.  Wear as an anklet and run along the beach making footprints in the sand and collect a few seashells.. wear it as a bracelet and get in the mood to sketch along with the artist..

 Let the Beach Muse complete the landscape.



  • This Bracelet as well as Anklet is made of Turquoise colored all natural Hematite Gemstone.
  • The chain is made of Silver Polished with Rhodium Plating on Alloy.
  • The Turquoise gemstones are approx. 6 mm in size, it's irregularities give it a natural and unique look.
  • It measures 9 inches Long, it is adjustable and can be worn as Bracelet as well as Anklet.
  • Great for gift giving.




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