Trio 3 in 1 Light Fan And Charger For Your Phone

Trio 3 in 1 Light Fan And Charger For Your Phone Vista Shops
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Trio 3 in 1 Light Fan and Charger for any phone. 

This handy and convenient mini portable fan is very useful when you are out in the hot weather, as it will give you a blast of cool breeze instantly from its two flexible blades. If you are running out of power on your cell phone, it can also give you enough power to last for 3 hours of additional use and if you need to talk on your phone and use a flashlight to check the path, this can do that too by its built-in LED light.

It's a device that no person should be without, as it gives you 3 different functions in one small package.  With a foldable compact design, it is ready to go with you anywhere, anytime. Let the Trio lead you in the right direction, it comes with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged overnight to refresh all its features all over again.


  • 3 in 1 Fan, Power bank with USB port, and a LED Flashlight.
  • Folds into a compact box that fits in your pocket or bag.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Shows on a screen how much power left.
  • Three-speed setting on the fan.
  • Recharging cable included.
  • Select from various colors.




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