Tranquility Blanket For Yoga And Beach

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When life gets hectic, be true to yourself and seek peace...

Morning, noon and night we struggle to get everything right, be everywhere on time, try to eat right, try to sleep on time but sometimes everything goes haywire and it seems that we are always late, away from out ideal weight and not to mention sleep deprived...! Make a conscious decision to be kind to yourself and slow down, get on this mat once in a while to meditate or to take a power naps...Feel more energetic, grounded and connected with your emotions and inner beauty no matter where you are, at a yoga studio, at the beach or just at home...! Make this yoga and beach blanket your safety blanket and feel energetic

Be in love with your beautiful self and welcome Tranquility in your day and your life...


  • It is made of softest woven Cotton/ Poly Blend.
  • This peaceful blanket showcases 7 colorful Chakra medallions in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo and Purple that can help you feel grounded and meditate to tranquility. The fringes add beauty and interest to the blanket.
  • It measures Approx 5 ft 6" (160 cm) in Diameter, big and cozy enough to lounge or sleep.
  • It is made for beaches, picnics, poolside tables, lawns, as a wall decor and a day bed cover too.
  • Care: Machine Washable. 
  • Great for gift giving as well.

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