Touch N Go Portable Color Changing Lamp

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Touch N Go Multi color lighting that can change with a touch of a finger.   This LED lamp with soft warm glow makes it a right light for any table or nightstand where you want to relax and not need bright lights.



Powering on the Lamp
*Press and hold the POWER ON/OFF BUTTON on the bottom of the lamp until the front LED indicator lights up blue. This indicates the lamp is in standby mode. 
Turning on White Light Mode
*Once the lamp is in standby mode, tap the TOUCH PAD on top to turn on the white. 
Brightness Levels
*The white light has 3 brightness levels, Cycle through these brightness levels as well as standby mode by tapping the TOUCH PAD. 
RBG Color Light Mode
*Long touch the TOUCH PAD(approximately two seconds) to switch back and forth between white light mode and color light mode.Once enabled, the color light mode will automatically cycle through 256 colors.Tap the TOUCH PAD to pause the cycle on a specific color and tap again to continue the cycle. 

Powering off the Lamp
If you don't use the lamp for an extended time period and wish to conserve power, turn off the lamp completely by holding down the POWER ON/OFF button on the bottom of the lamp until the blue LED indicator switches off. 

☆WhiteLight :3W 
☆RGB Light:3W 
☆Built-in litium battery:3600mAh 
☆Charging time: 4 hours 
☆Support approx 3-11 hours working time,for low light, about 11 hours; moderate light, 6~7 hours; bright light, 2~3 hours. 
☆Color temperature:2900-3100k 
☆Lifetime: 20000 Hours 
☆Luminous Flux: 250LM 
☆Lamp Body Material: Aluminum+ABS -Lamp 

Package Contents: 
1 x Table Lamp 
1 x USB Cable 
1 x User Manual

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