Top Chef Spiralizer Hand Cranked Salad Maker is ready

Top Chef Spiralizer Hand Cranked Salad Maker is ready Vista Shops
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What fun it is to eat a salad with spiral noodles of fruits and veggies... 

Make a delicious and nutritious spiral salad right on your kitchen island with the help of this salad maker... Get this 5 in 1 spiralizer and serve your family fun salads with spiral noodles of Carrots, Apples, Radishes, Beetroot, and Cucumbers... You can also make spiral Zucchini Pasta and spiral Sweet Potato Fries...They will be so happy, you will pat yourself for making this healthy choice and buying this multipurpose kitchen tool... Just place it on a flat surface, turn it's efficient vacuum suction knob to make it secure. Insert the choice of veggies to the spiralizer and start rotating this tool ... Get your family, especially the kids involved and in very little time you can make a healthy salad that looks fun and tastes yummy too! 

Enjoy a hearty and fresh salad that is safe to make and saves you tons of time and effort... Be the Top Chef of your house with this 5 in 1 salad maker, get it in your favorite color today!


  • Made from BPA FREE higher grade ABS with Stainless Steel drums/ blades.
  • Designed to make fun spiral cuts of various fruits and veggies for you.
  • It has a highly efficient vacuum suction knob.
  • It comes in vibrant color.
  • Machine washable (recommended hand wash).
  • Great as a House Warming gift.




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