Together Forever Baguette Ring 2 Infinity Loops In 1

Together Forever Baguette Ring 2 Infinity Loops In 1 Vista Shops
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Two entwining Infinity loops forever unite with each other in togetherness..

This awesome baguette ring expresses limitless love in this double infinity loop symbol with delicate balance of grace and beauty.. No one knows where the infinity starts and ends,  just the way endless love exists in  two loving hearts.. One is never enough, it always takes two to make love substantial and make each other complete! 

Express eternal love and devotion for each other with this ring when you wish to stay Together Forever ..



  • The Statement Baguette Ring is  made of non-allergic alloy with Silver plating and anti-tarnish coating.
  • Design with two Infinity loops gives it a rare and distinct look.
  • It measures .......... inches in Diameter and fits sizes 6,7,8,9,10 and 11.
  • It comes in a Gift Box for gift giving and safe keeping.





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