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Who wants to wear a watch when you are having time of your life swinging in a hammock on the beach at a far away Resort.. 

Unless it is an attractive Watch that very sweetly compliments you when you are in your beach sarong. Watches somehow remind us of our deadlines and clocks make us work round the clock.. but when you love and choose to wear this fashionable Time Out wrist watch, it kind of announces to the world that you are having a 'Time Out' for yourself, so Do Not Dare To Disturb..!

Enjoy your Time Out with your tall, dark and handsome friend.. only time will tell that this Time Out with him in fact was the time well spent together.. !



  • The Watch has Quartz Movement.
  • It is made of Vegan Leather straps that are decorated with tiny little round and baguette style shimmering crystal beads.
  • The strap generously measures 16 inches Long with 2 press button closure for adjustable fit.
  • The Stainless Stell dial is 1 inch Wide.
  • It comes in Spring Summer color pallet of Turquoise Ocean, Pink Clouds and Silver Beach.                                                                                           




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