The Lilliput Cable "A Tall Order"! Brings Life To All Your Devices

$ 22.95

Imagine if we had cell phones when Gulliver went on his Voyage, he would have found this charging cable when he landed on The Lilliputian's Kingdom.

This tiny charging cable seems like fantasy, however it can bring your Smart phone back to life, in real time! The Lilliput Charging Cable will always be available with you to charge your devices anywhere, as this cable is small enough to fit on your key ring, weighs less than a key and still can charge as well as sync at the same time. Now That's A Tall Order! 

Get one before you Travel or for all your charging needs. It is ready for you when you need it. Great little stocking stuffer too!


  • Charges Phones or Tablets, 
  • Compatible with all models of iPhone 5 or 6 ,Samsung , HTC , Nokia, 
  • It is a charging connector on one end and USB on the other end.
  • Comes in multiple colors.

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