Tempered Glass Shatter Proof Screen Protector

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Your prized possession is riding along with you all the time would put that at risk of getting scratched, chipped, cracked and damaged.
The answer would be NO and to really follow thru and make sure you will need this screen protector.
A simple screen protector made from tempered glass can save you lot of time and headache not to mention your prized possession your Smartphone.
The screen is simple to install and takes less than 60 seconds. After install it is completely invisible as its laser cut beveled edge matches with you phone.
The Screen protector is .038mm thick and it is sandwiched with multiple layers of optical glass that makes it Shatter proof.
It will not make any difference in your Touch sensitivity as it is 100% Tempered Glass. It also has the the oleophobic coating for fingerprint and smudge resistance.
You will be impressed at the results.

Available for:
-iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5C, 6/6 Plus
-Galaxy 4/5
-Galaxy Note 2




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