CDC Super Shield Vaccine Certificate Protector

CDC Super Shield Vaccine Certificate Protector Vista Shops
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The most essential accessory to have after you get vaccinated is this CDC Vaccine Certificate Protector.

After being responsible for one and all and getting vaccinated, your responsibility does not just end there. As you continue to stay safe, you need to keep your immunization record safe as well. Place the vaccination slip in this certificate protector that will not only protect it from getting wet and dirty, it will also prevent it from getting lost. Keep your personal information private when you travel with it and the certificate is accessible whenever you need to display it.

Tik all the right boxes with Super Shield, which is very much a need of the hour.


  • The cardholder is made of Vegan leather with a slight sheen to it.
  • It fits the standard Immunization record slip, measures 4.5 x3.25 inches.
  • Manageable and travel-friendly.
  • Get more for family members.




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