Sun Hut Straw Hat Cool And Foldable

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Sun Hut Straw Hat Cool and Foldable.

Whether you are planting new roses in your garden or taking a long walk on the beach wear your Sun Hut Straw Hat and look and feel cool.

The extra-long brim protects your face from the glare of the sunlight and the open top design keeps you breezy and comfortable, so you can avoid frizzy and flat hat hair. It keeps your hair neatly in place and it has a bow which sits pretty and makes you look stylish too.

It is easy to carry wherever you go as it folds neatly in a roll that can be secured by an inbuilt elastic band.


  • Protects you from glare of sunlight when you are outdoors.
  • Folds and rolls up easily to carry anywhere.
  • Select from Cool and Warm shades like: Roseo Pink, Sea Blue, Black Shade, Light Coffee and Dark Chocolate.




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