Steps To Fitness Watch Ultra Light A Smart Choice + FREE 2nd Band

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A Journey of Ten Thousand steps is now possible..

Take a first step and make a smart choice of wearing this watch then Set up your goal, get into the fitness Mode and watch yourself step by step walking towards your desired fitness level ..! Going to the Mall ? Park far away from the entrance and take up the stairs instead of an escalator.. Walk on the treadmill at home or best thing to do is to go for an evening walk and take along your pet dog.. don't forget to take the longer route, it will not only be your Steps To Fitness, but Speedy will be happy too..

Steps To Fitness Ultra Light  is now with you every step of the way, literally!

NO SMARTPHONE REQUIRED AND NO CHARGING WILL FIT WRIST SIZE UP TO 9 INCH.  There is an OPTIONAL APP to manually track your progress on a smart phone  which is called : 8 fitness™ action tracker app for your apple® or android® phone it is Free and can be downloaded but not required.

BONUS: Get FREE 2nd Band of a different color then your primary selection.   We will add one from our stock but it will not be same as your primary so you can wear 2 different belt it is like haveing a whole new watch.

  • Ultra Light Weight only 1.5oz  Pedometer +Watch + KCal (calorie burned Counter)
  • Built in Pedometer count steps.
  • Converts Steps to Distance in miles.
  • Shows KCAL  calaries burned.
  • Date and Time Watch.
  • Water Resistant 
  • 12hr Clock Format 
  • Built in Pedometer records Distance walked Measured in Miles or KM as per your choice
  •  No charging required runs on battery that last 1 year.
  • Auto power save mode when no movement.
  • Reset counter and mode selecter
  • Soft Silicone belt with secure buckle style.
  • Screen is LCD

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