Star Galaxy Night Light Projector

Star Galaxy Night Light Projector
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Bring in the outdoors in and enjoy the celestial magic of the night sky indoors!


Just plug in this night light projector into any room of the house and watch the most beautiful clouds moving and a sky full of stars twinkling. So simple to use, plug it into your game room and enjoy fun times with your kids under the moving clouds or your bedroom to create and feel the most relaxing and romantic ambiance under the starry night. 


Use the remote to change the modes and the colors of the sky to make the most of your evenings with the Star Galaxy Projector.

    • It projects the sky 4 different ways with 8 color modes.
    • Projects quietly and does not harm the eyes.
    • Creates the most romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your home. 
    • It comes with a remote so you can operate easily and efficiently to make clouds move faster and stars shining brighter. 
    • Economical, environmentally and kids friendly.







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