Stand O Matic Fast Wireless Charger And Multi Stand

Stand O Matic Fast Wireless Charger And Multi Stand Vista Shops
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Stand O Matic Fast Wireless Charger And Multi Stand.   A built-in magnetic charger and a magnetic stand that folds and disappears make it a breeze to charge and carry on the conversation hands-free.   This fast charger can charge your Apple phone 100%, which can come in handy when you are in the middle of a call with low power.

 The magnetic charger clings to the phone for Apple models 12 and above and can charge any Android phone that is Qi-capable as well with a cable if it does not have magnetic support.  It is easy to carry and recharge hundreds of times, making it a useful tool for any smartphone owner.

 It comes in multiple colors. 


  • Fast charging can charge your phone 100% in under an hour.
  • Support Magnetic wireless charging on iPhone 12 and above.  Supports wireless charging without magnetic on iPhone 8 and above.
  •  Supports wireless charging on any phone with wireless or a Qi charging support. 
  • Built-in Foldable flat magnetic stand that opens and closes for easy setup.
  • Additional USB port for external charging of 2nd device using a cable.
  • Can also charge iPad and tablets using a cable with the USB port.
  • LED display shows how much power is left.
  • Included in the Box: Charger, Cable, and manual.




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