Spidey Anti Gravity iPhone 7 Case

Spidey Anti Gravity iPhone 7 Case
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The man walked on Moon wearing Gravity Suit that keeps them on ground.   We have now an iPhone case that defies Gravity and can stay put on on a wall or any flat surface without any help of hooks or stand.   A Spidey Anti-Gravity Case that will allow you to keep your phone at your eye level and continue doing what you are doing with both hands.   Sticks like  spider over and over again.

The case is made of super intelligent technology that brings thousands of micro holes in the back of the case which are almost invisible to naked eye and create a powerful suction that will hold your phone without letting it fall.

It sticks to Plaster, Sheetrock Wall, Glass, Wood, Metal, and Concrete.   Easy to remove and can be used daily.  It has special reactivation gel that activates when cleaned with water. 

So now amaze yourself by doing tasks much faster and act like a PRO that you are.


  • Available for iPhone 7 , 7Plus , 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Stick surface made of porous Gell like materials.
  • Reactive Anti-Gravity by just washing the surface with water.
  • Comes in Multiple Colors.




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