SPA Cocoon - Luxurious Bathrobe that you can also lounge and sleep in

$ 56.95

Get wrapped up in sensual comfort right out of shower. Wear this world class, highly absorbent SPA Cocoon Bathrobe and you are all covered with a luxurious feeling!

Wrap yourself right out of shower in the SPA Cocoon. Luxurious Bathrobe in your favorite color, and you are ready to prepare for the party pick your clothes and jewelry, put on the nail polish, style your hair and put on the makeup you can do all this and more before you are ready to wear your evening dress and heels.

SPA Cocoon is a lightweight plush bathrobe that you will love to lounge and even sleep in. It's 80% breathable microfiber in soft and fresh colors makes it a pleasant experience every time you wear it. Oversize enough to use it as a beach towel too, spread on the ground and lie on it to relax on the breach and get some tan.



  • 60 inch wide x 33 inch tall in size that wraps you up like a cocoon to give world class comfort, in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Made from highly absorbent fabric that can absorb 3 times its weight in water.  
  • Ultra soft microfiber 80% polyester 20% cotton blend, hemmed border with double stitch to allow pull and stretch.
  • Machine washable.
  • Will fit those who wear dress size X Small, Small, Medium and Large.


SPA Cocoon Luxurious Bathrobe comes in Colors: Sky Blue, Coffee, Red, Powder Pink, Pink, Coco White, Orange and Emerald Green. 

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