Sound Of Love Duet Dual Speakers

Sound Of Love Duet Dual Speakers Vista Shops
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Sound of Love Dual Duet speaker with its charging pods can charge your speakers when you just set on it.  This Dual speaker can play individually or can play a duet to gather creating a 3D surround sound.  This powerful mini speakers shape like a drum have full Bass and connect very quickly to your Bluetooth device.  Enjoy 4 hours of music or continuous music when played on the charging pods.

While enjoying the music from your phone if you get a call the speakers also have a built-in mic that can answer your calls and when you are done you can go right back to listening to music automatically.

Perfect for any place that will connect to phones, tablets, computers, or TV where ever you have Bluetooth-enabled devices.


    • 3D surround sound dual speaker, simultaneous play.
    • Comes with a quick charging pod.
    • The built-in mic can answer the phone or be used in karaoke. 
    • Size 2.5 inches for the speaker.





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