Sore No More Relaxer In A Travel Case

Sore No More Relaxer In A Travel Case Vista Shops
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Work-related stress and sitting at the computer all day takes it's toll on our shoulders and neck and gives us back pain and tension headache.

Try going to a massage therapist, they will probably have the same machine like this one at their Spa but will charge you an arm and a leg for the treatment and it will take up all your time every time you visit them. Well, you need something that is cost-effective, saves time and most importantly, really works so you can get the message that improves blood circulation, makes you feel relaxed and happy and makes you sleep well at night as well... This preprogrammed relaxer checks all the boxes for you... It is pocket size, portable and very convenient, it can be set up very easily too. it has different modes of acupuncture and massage techniques and intensity modes. All you need to do is select the mode, intensity of the message and for how long you wish to have it, and let it go to work to massage your knees and shoulders, feet and back while you just sit back and relax! 

Have the "ME" time and pamper yourself ! When you are Sore No More, everyone around you is happy too because you are happy and chilled out..!


    • The relaxer comes with 16 different modes of massage.


    • Connects to a wall charger or a computer USB port.


    • Improves body aches and pains, your mood, sleep, and overall health.


    • Works up to 10 hours with one time charging.


    • It comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery (included).


    • It comes in a travel-friendly case, it's small size makes it convenient to carry anywhere.


    • Get as a gift for the whole family.





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