Solar Green PowerLeaf Charge Extender for your Smart Phones and Gadgets

Solar Green PowerLeaf Charge Extender for your Smart Phones and Gadgets Vista Shops
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Solar Green PowerLeaf Charge Extender for indoor and outdoor use charge your Smartphone and Gadget all in same Solar Charger with our included Bonus 3 in 1 cable.  The solar power extender can let you work wireless anywhere it extracts power not only from sunlight but also from any indoor light.   The built in 3 power indicator will give you clear indication how your Solar Leaf is charging.  Charge 2 devices simultenoudsly with its Dual USB port 

The built-in USB port is standard USB port that will plug any cable that you may have to charge your device.   It is water resistant and shock proof comes with optional carabiner hook that will allow you to hang and go.  

Solar rechargeable battery capacity is 5000mAh that can completely charge your Smartphone 100% and your tablet 60 to 75% 

Fully compatible with : iPhone 4 /4s/5/ 5s /6 /6s /6 PLUS, iPad,iPadmini,  All Samsung Galaxy, S5, S4, S3, S2. Nexus 4/5/7, Sony, HTC, LG  or any other device that will charge via USB port.

  • Solar Green PowerLeaf rechargeable Power Extender 5000mAh capacity,
  • Dual USB port charge 2 devices simuletenously.
  • Water Resistant, Shock Proof, Dust Proof.
  • Built-in LED Flash Light 
  • Power indicator lights.
  • BONUS - 3 in 1 Cable included Free. ( 8Pin Connector, micro USB, 32 pin connector)
  • Carabiner metal hook to hang and go. 
  • Size : 4.9" Tall  x 2.5" wide  x 0.6" Thick.




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