Social Distancing CAREX BOX - Quick Pack - 47 PCS

Social Distancing CAREX BOX - Quick Pack - 47 PCS
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No less than your arsenal in your fight against the virus.

Neatly stored in a box, this Good Care Quick Pack is resourceful and is now made available to you in order to reduce the risk of transmitting any germs and viruses.

Protect yourself and the near and dear ones amongst your friends and family. Take Care and Be Safe with CAREX BOX.

  • 2 SAFE TOUCH N GO ALUMINIUM KEYS with a Brass coating that enables you to go touchless on door handles and on touchscreens. 
  • 30 - Magic Towels that expands with little water used in an emergency. 
  • 2 Air Sterilizer Card that cleans your surrounding air wear it around your neck great for kids and adults 
  • 10 Vinyl Gloves that protect you in public that you may come in contact with like grocery stores 
  • 1 UV Sterilizer Bar with 10 seconds disinfect germs with UV light has timer and 3 UV lights rechargeable.




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