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Snow Angel 3 pc XMas Set of Scarf, Hat And Gloves In 2 Tones

Snow Angel 3 pc XMas Set of Scarf, Hat And Gloves In 2 Tones Vista Shops
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Bundle up in this beautiful 3 Piece Set in 2 Tones as it is Reversible to give you variety of looks ..

Snowflakes, they say are Kisses from Heaven and Butterflies of the Winter .. What would be better than having beauty of the butterfly and blessings of the Heaven..?! Get this set and  become the lucky Snow Angle .. It includes a Scarf, a Hat And matching Gloves with the big 'let it snow' snowflakes falling from the heavens .. Wear it with any of your wintery hi-low tunics sweaters as well as leggings and you are fully protected..

You are now ready for a walk and play in the Winter Wonderland, Snow Angle!



  • It is made of 100% Winter Wool cable knit.
  • 3 pc set includes Scarf, a Hat And matching Gloves.
  • Snowflakes motif all over the set makes it breathtakingly beautiful.
  • It fits one and all.
  • It comes in Reversible Wintery fresh and warm tones like : Berry Pink, Fig Brown and Classy Black, Santa Red and Pewter Gray.




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