Smart Power Stick 3000mAh for your Smartphones

$ 61.95

Smart power Stick for your Smartphones. We live in a world where every bit of info is available at your fingertips. To carry a power backup without knowing how much is left can be troublesome at times when you need it the most. This Smart power stick with its power gauge will always tell you how much is used and how much is left that can charge your phone.

You will be at peace knowing that you have power when you need it. The digital readout will change as you use it. The power on and off button helps you to stop charging and keep some for later.
A perfect gift for anyone with a cellphone as it is fully compatible to charge any Smartphone 140% if it can charge via standard USB port which is built in this charger.

To recharge and reuse the Smart Power Stick we have included the charging cable with it. To charge your phone use the cable that came with the phone and simply plug in to the Power Stick and watch your phone go to a 100% charge.

-Smart Power Stick 3000mAh
-Compatible with All Apple, Samsung, HTC -phones & Tablets.
-All Metal body
-Built in LED Flashlight.
-Comes in choice of colors
-6 month LTD warranty included.


SKU # 700000016376

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