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Skill Master 24 In 1 Handyman's Smart Key Tool

Skill Master 24 In 1 Handyman's Smart Key Tool Vista Shops
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Engineered to perform multiple tasks with ease, this multitasker makes as a perfect gift for an adventurous an ingenious handyman.

Be always prepared to take on any task around the house and outdoors with this very innovative device that has brought together several different functions in one smart and sturdy tool. It enables you to quickly tackle and fixe any project you take on and simply fits on your key ring so it is always handy. You have the knack, all you need is this key!

Be the Skill Master you are known to be and complete your tasks with this Smart Key Tool efficiently.


  • Angle measure,
  • Stripping tool,   
  • 1/4 inch drill drive,  
  • Sawtooth/file,
  • Cut wire tool,  
  • Close wrench,  
  • Bending/ Bike wheel wrench,
  • Hexagon wrench, 
  • Metric and Imperial sized closed wrench,
  • Bolt driver, 
  • Box opener, 
  • A measuring ruler.
  • Bit driver, and 
  • Bottle Opener.

    • It is made from highly durable Stainless Steel. 
    • Crafted with an innovative TSA compliant design that makes you accomplish several tasks efficiently.
    • It is very compact and measures 2.71*1.14*0.19 inches only.
    • Perfect gift for fathers and brothers that have skills at performing tasks around the house.




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