Sculptor 32 Piece High Quality Wooden Makeup Brush Set

Sculptor 32 Piece High Quality Wooden Makeup Brush Set Vista Shops
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Sculptor..32 Piece High-Quality Makeup Brush Set with Wooden handles , No plastic!

Get your hands on an assortment of high -quality hand-sculpted wooden brushes ranging from angled eye-shadow brushes to poofy powder brushes.. No falling of brush hair and no breaking of cheap plastic handles, get what you deserve and it is this high-quality soft hair make up brush set with wooden handles with good grip..

Be the artist that you want to be and sculpt your face with the Sculptor..!


  • The long flat Foundation Brush , as well as the fluffy Powder Brush is to even tone on the entire face.
  • The thin and pointed tip Concealer Brush is to conceal blemishes or under eye circles if any. 
  • The angled Contour Brush is to create shadow effect to highlight the features.
  • The small fluffy Blush Brush is to apply bronzer to look chiseled or blush to cheeks and forehead.
  • The Eye Brow Brush with a little comb is to direct eyebrows in order so they frame the eyes.
  • Last but not least, the thin and firm Lip Brush is to create a lip line to make lips appear fuller, then follow the line to fill with the lipstick. 

Brush Set includes below: 1 x Vegan Leather storage and carrying pouch.


  • Deluxe fan brush.
  • Powder brush.
  • Blush brush.
  • Small blush brush.
  • Contour brush.
  • Angled blush brush.
  • Foundation brush.
  • Large chisel brush.
  • Large angled shade brush.
  • Two large shade brushes.
  • Medium chisel brush.
  • Medium shade brush.
  • Flat blending brush.
  • Small shade brush.
  • Blending brush.
  • Two small angled shade brushes.
  • Fan brush.
  • Two mini shade brushes.
  • Eye smudge brush.
  • Eyeliner brush.
  • Ultra fine eyeliner brush.
  • Lip brush.
  • Two brow brushes.
  • Large eye applicator brush.
  • Small eye applicator brush.
  • Lash brush.
  • Lash and brow comb.
  • **Great for yourself and for gift giving.**




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