Safe Touch N Go Key Contact Less Tool Assist 2/Pk

Safe Touch N Go Key Contact Less Tool Assist 2/Pk Vista Shops
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A safe and simple tool that will allow you to open doors, touchscreens, and surfaces securely, avoiding the pollutants to get on your body. 

No direct contact with the contaminated surfaces enables you to reduce germ exposure. It's a safer way to use public touchscreens, doors, and buttons.

Ease germ anxiety once and for all and go touchless with Safe Touch N Go key!

Product Description:

  • Made from: Aluminum Alloy, that resists and reduces bacteria in the point-of-contact area by over 99%.

  • The Safe Touch N Go Key's ergonomic design is built with the functionality and comfort of the user in mind. 
  • Works on the door handle, levers, pulls, and sliding doors.
  • Great for touchscreens like at store checkouts and for digital signatures.
  • Great for elevator buttons and credit card machines.
  • Each order comes in 2/Pks of either Gold or Silver. Get more for the safety of your family.







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