ROCK CANDY Natural Crystal SET OF 3 Bangles Bracelet

$ 98.95

ROCK CANDY Natural Crystal SET OF 3 Bangles Bracelet so sweetly delicious!

The crystals are bursting with colors and they are breathtakingly beautiful. Lovingly hand crafted by the artisans, various shades of natural as well as sparkling crystals of different sizes and shapes are brought together first and drilled, then a gold plated wire is wrapped around them with great love and care to give these bangles a very earthy and natural look and feel.

The selection of crystals and the craftsmanship that has gone into making each individual bracelet is very special. Each piece is unique in itself and not two pieces are ever the same, as the crystals have various natural sizes, shapes and shades that can never be replicated.

Wear all 3 in one hand or 2 in one hand and 1 in the other, it is going to look stunning any which way you want to wear them.



  • The Bangles bracelet measures 8 inches, adjusts to 7 inches.
  • Each bangle bracelet has gold plated wire.
  • Made with various natural and sparkling crystals, select from: Citrine Crystal, Emerald Crystal and Rose Quartz Crystal.
  • It comes in a Gift Box.

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