QUITO MOSQUITO An Ultrasonic Digital All Pest Repeller

QUITO MOSQUITO An Ultrasonic Digital All Pest Repeller Vista Shops
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Quito Mosquito. The Ultrasonic All Digital Electro Magnetic Mosquito And Pest Repellent.

Now you do not need to call an exterminator or use harmful chemicals in your home. The Ultrasonic Pest  Repellent works 24/7 and creates invisible electromagnetic waves to shield the area against pests, as it is totally harmless to humans and your pets but not liked by pests. You will see pests move away from this electromagnetic shield and you get maximum protection.

Each Quito Mosquito and Pest Repellent covers approx 500 sq ft area.  If you apply for overlapping protection, the pests will be gone.  It is very safe and effective.


  • ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME: Ultrasonic Pest Repellent uses State Of The Art Ultrasonic Technology to drive pests away. When plugged into any standard household outlet, it uses low-frequency sound waves which are inaudible to humans and pets, but those same waves drive pests out of your home for good! Mice, rats, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, ants; None are immune to these sound waves and they completely leave the premises after a few short weeks of use.
  • SAVE HUNDREDS ON PEST CONTROL: STOP spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on costly pest control services. Let the Quito Mosquito Pest Repellent drive out pests for a fraction of the cost, against the cost of hiring Pest Control services on a MONTHLY basis.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR POISONS: Think about the harmful chemicals, poisons, and traps typically used in households and by pest control technicians. While this Pest Control Repellent is 100% safe and effective. It naturally drives pests out without killing them. No need to clean up dead insects and rodents after use. Quito Mosquito Ultrasonic Pest Repellent creates an uncomfortable environment for pests so they simply leave.
  • EASY TO USE: There is no need to refill, replace or recharge the Repellent. Simply plug in the unit and let the Quito Mosquito & Pest  Repellent. do the rest of the work. Use 1 unit per average-sized room with a pest problem. Additional units will be required in larger areas. Areas such as attics, basements, garages, and large storage areas may require more than one unit.

It can be used indoors or outdoor in a covered area or patio. The Electromagnetic field is more scattered in an open area, so you may want to use more than one Repellent in the outdoor areas to get good protection.

Get multiple repellents to place in every room of your home or office. It works great for RVs, Boats, and places you think will be infested by pests.

** 90 Day Warranty on the product.




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