QUAD PORTS USB Car Adapter and Charger

QUAD PORTS USB Car Adapter and Charger Vista Shops
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QUAD PORTS USB Car Adapter and Charger.  Now each of your gadget can its own charging port simultaneously.   You are getting a 4 port USB Car adapter and charger for your Smart Phone, Tablets, and other devices.   It is a high speed charging ports that will quickly bring your device to full capacity with less waiting as you cruise in your car.


The adapter comes in 3 X 1.0 amp ports and 1 X 2.1 amp port.  It is 100% compatible with all Apple Devices, Samsung Devices and HTC device plus it can also be used with other devices that charge via USB ports.  The devices stop charging automatically when it fully charged.


Comes in White with Metallic Color Band. 


  • 5.1 amps High speed charging ports.
  • Plugs in to your cigarette lighter of the car.
  • 5v - 5200 amps capacity.
  • Auto stop circuit built in to stop from over charging your gadgets.




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