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Lovely, Charming and Adorable ..You won't be able to resist this QTPie.


Getting tired of the big and bulky bags? QTPie is to the rescue..! Pretty perfect and lightweight to take along everywhere happily.. Not just cute  and chic, but versatile too .. with 5 inside and outside pockets to carry all needed items, the strap has a zipper on it, which unzips to make it into a backpack and zips up to turn it into a handbag.. you can also wear it in front as a chest pack.. !! A small handle on the top comes in handy when you want to carry it casually..

You will be so happy you found her and you will simply love your QTPie..!



  • Cutest little backpack there is, made of 100% pre-washed Cotton Canvas.
  • It measures 12-inches Tall, 9 inches Wide and 3.5 inches Deep.
  • Inside of the backpack has: 1 Wall Pocket for Wallet, Smartphone and 1 Zipper Pocket for Cash and gift cards etc.
  • Outside of the backpack has 2 pockets in the front of the bag, one with zipper for something as important as checkbooks and one Vegan Leather Flap with press button to carry pens etc.
  • Back side of the bag has 1 extra zipper pocket for easy access of car keys etc.
  • A Zipper on top contains everything nice and neat.
  • The straps are 48"inches Long.
  • The strap has a zipper all along which can zip and unzip to transform this Mini bag into a handbag or backpack. 
  • It comes in two tones and you can select from : VALENTINE RED QT, BLUE QT , BROWN QT, KHAKI QT, CREAMY QT.




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