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Portable Wireless Go Charger And Power Bank for Mobiles

Portable Wireless Go Charger And Power Bank for Mobiles SMARTECH GADGETS
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This portable Go Charger can go anywhere with you and provide you the power that your mobile phone is always hungry for.   Portable Wireless Charging and fast Power Bank for mobile phones with wireless charging capabilities and any other Qi-compatible wireless charging device.

Power your  Apple 12 and above anywhere with this magnetic charger that clings to your prized possession and charges it from 0% to 80% with its fast 10-watt charger  giving enough power to get your things done all day as 2nd time charge. You can also charge any wireless phone with this by placing it on the charger or using the USB-C port to charge your phone or a second device, including your wireless Apple AirPods. 

Recharge the power bank using any USB outlet and never run out of power in your phone for your important calls and video meetings with Chargomate, your newest slim and fast charger.


    • This 10-watt charger clings to iPhone 12  and above while charging.
    • It can also charge all Qi-based wireless charging phones and devices in other brands like Samsung, Google, etc.
    • Charge a second device using a built-in USB-C port, which can charge the earpods, cameras, speakers, and more. 
    • No need to remove the case to charge, works with the case to recharge the phone.
    • Compatible with iPhone 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, the iPad, works with Samsung phones and any Android phones as well.
    • It is slim enough to fit in your pocket and lightweight.
    • This fast charger is portable and safe to carry when traveling.
    • It comes in multiple colors.




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