Portable Mp3 Music Player and FM Radio And More

Portable Mp3 Music Player and FM Radio And More Vista Shops
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The portable Music Player that you always wanted.That music player which does not interrupt with a phone call or a pop-up message.  That is what this is a fit in the palm music play, FM radio, Photo storage a voice recorder and video player.  It does not require any subscription or monthly fees.  

    •   Support various music formats: MP3.MP4.WMA.WMV, ASF WAV DMA 
    •   Support MP4, WMV, MPG, MPEG I , MEG II, and AVI after converting to AMV (using any conversion  software) 
    •   Convert JPEG, GIF, SWF Picture Files or else to PIC Files to be viewed by MTV 
    •   Memory Dividable Private Space Disk function 
    •   Can be used as a flash disk storage
    •   Voice record function
    •   Support ID3 lyric display in pace with the song 
    •   Rechargeable Battery life: Max.6 hours Continue MP3 playback, Video 3 hours, E-book 7 hours
    •   Built-In Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 
    •   Electronic album, support JPG format photo 
    •   E-book function 
    •   Built-in Games 
    •   Built-in FM Radio (Tuner 87MHz - 108MHz), can store the selected radio frequency into memory
    •   It comes with headphones and charging cable.
    •   Available in Multiple Colors




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