Pocket Size Power Massager With Multi Speed

Pocket Size Power Massager With Multi Speed Vista Shops
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Pocket Size Power Massager fits in the palm of your hand not bulky easy to carry in your purse and is ready to use anywhere anytime.

Full Body Pain Relief Effectively relieves muscle aches and pains after exercise and sedentary, promotes blood circulation, enhances body vitality, and lets you enjoy the wonderful experience of deep massage.

We designed 6 vibration strengths, from weak to strong, with a deep amplitude of up to 7mm, effectively relieving your body muscle soreness. Can be used to massage the neck, shoulder, back, arm, thighs, leg, etc.

Noise Free  The silent design allows you to massage without disturbing others, which makes the noise less than 45dB when used. A super quiet body massager gun for athletes helps muscles, tendons, and joint capsules to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid.

Easy to carry Palm Size massager, easy to grip, compact yet powerful. The Mini strikes a unique balance between power and portability. Cramps and knots are easily resolved everywhere you go.

Fast charging with pinhole design? Only 1 hour of charging is needed for 2-4 hours of continuous use. Charging cable with USB port. IP65 waterproof design, safer and more hassle-free!




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