Pillex Water Bottle With Pill Dispenser What A Lifesaver!

Pillex Water Bottle With Pill Dispenser What A Lifesaver!
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Pill Dispenser Water Bottle..

Whether you need to take multi Vitamines or prescribed medicines, carrying a bunch of tablets and capsules along with you while traveling or even otherwise is such a pain in the neck! And remembering to take your daily dose when you have no water handy is literally one tough pill to swallow..! Not anymore as Pillex is here..! Pillex makes it easy for you remember to take your daily dose of Vitamins with an attached water bottle and a drinking cup ..

Pillex.. an excellent pill tracking system so you don't have to worry about overdosage or forgetting to take the medicine.. and with the water bottle handy, it's a lifesaver!


  • The bottle is made from Tritan Polymer BPA free.
  • the bottle has a built-in removable Daily Pill Dispenser for your daily Vitamins and Medication.
  • An easy access to Water Bottle and handy drinking cup makes taking pills easy.
  • Perfect for desktop and for travel.
  • It comes in Multiple colors like PINK, BLUE, YELLOW, BLACK AND RED.




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