Perfect Portrait Bluetooth Holder For Your Smartphone

Perfect Portrait Bluetooth Holder For Your Smartphone
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Want to capture a beautiful Sunset with yourself in the picture? Piece of cake!

When you have this little helper of a Bluetooth holder stand that is multifunctional, you can take any number of scenic pictures and selfies you want like a professional photographer and develop it into a hobby... If you already are a blogger or an influencer, you will enjoy this device even more so, to shoot videos for your YouTube channel with this powerful device! Its tripod gives it a solid base for you to take your pictures hands-free, as well as broadcast live videos talking about fashion, makeup or any other thing that interests your fancy, take it on your travels and get thousands of likes!

Love your Perfect Portrait... you will be so glad you have one!


  • Expandable from ------inches to ------inches.
  • Compatible with iPhone X/8/7/6, Galaxy Note 8/S8.
  • It comes in 3 colors, BLACK, WHITE, AND PINK.




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