Peep Toe Yoga Socks 3 Pair Pack

Peep Toe Yoga Socks 3 Pair Pack Vista Shops
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So soft and durable...

Make your Yoga routine and Ballet lessons effective and enjoyable...These yoga socks are unique in design as each toe is separated so that you show off your well-pedicured toes, and it's no-slip dotted design gives you a good grip on smooth surfaces and a strong hold on each step you take...! They allow your feet to breathe and keep your toes more flexible making them a good choice for travel and lounge too...They also absorb sweat quickly, which gets evaporated making them bacteria free...

Achieve good health while looking stylish with Peep Toe Yoga Socks...


  • They are made of soft Spandex and stretchable Cotton.
  • Smooth and comfy inside and out.
  • Dotted No slip grip make them suitable for ballet, yoga, travel, and lounge.
  • They come in one stretchable size that fits all shoe sizes. 
  • They come in basic solid colors like BLACK, GREY, PINK, PURPLE, RED, YELLOW, HOT PINK, AND BLUE.
  • Select options to get 3 pair pack with each order. 




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