Passport Wallet with RFID Safe Lock

Passport Wallet with RFID Safe Lock Vista Shops
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This Passport Wallet is a Secure RFID scan blocker.. This 2 in 1 wallet prevents anyone from scanning you passport and Credit Card information..

Every USA passport has a concealed RFID chip, which contains all the necessary information about you and your passport.  The chip allows customs and immigration to process your information quickly when you enter and exit the United States.The chip also can be scanned from within a few feet and can be read by those with a bad intent to scan your passport within few feet from you and read all the information without you ever knowing! Same thing happens with Credit Cards, thieves can easily hack and scan this information especially when you are traveling in a foreign country and unknown places for the first time. 

Not anymore! With  Passport Wallet With RFID Safe Lock,you can rest be assured your information is not compromised. The Passport Wallet denies those hacks entry to read the information and when they try to scan. it shows to them 'No info found' message! keeping your information safe and secure and the Id thief has no choice but to move on!  It is a must have wallet for all the passport holders and travelers in the foreign land.  It also has space for credit cards and some relevant id cards and cash.


  • Made from soft vegan leather. 
  • Inside pocketsPassport, credit cards and cash.
  • Press button secure lock on the outside.
  • Comes in color choices of Black and Brown.




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