Olden Golden Bluetooth Speaker

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The Olden Golden Bluetooth Speaker has a super sound that you will fall in love with!

You may be young and modern in your thinking but you are going to love this old and vintage-looking wooden European-style Bluetooth speaker...

For someone who believes music is food for the soul, your favorite tunes coming out of this Bluetooth speaker is fun to have on your desk while you do your work or as a part of the decor in your den while you are enjoying Sunday brunch and lounge around the house!

Enjoy Olden Golden super hits with this Retro looking conversational piece that will get attention from every music lover in your circle of family and friends...


  • Bluetooth enabled stereo speaker
  • It can play music from your phone or from a memory card.
  • Mp4  Player through memory card
  • Crisp sound quality with a retro look.
  • Connect two speakers to play on same Bluetooth connection.
  • Connect and play music from your phone, youtube, and other music sources.
  • Built-in mic for hands-free talking.




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