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O My Owl Pendant Watch In Antique Gold

O My Owl Pendant Watch In Antique Gold Vista Shops
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Great for students, as Owls represent intellect and old world wisdom.. 

Like we jokingly say a good student turns active at night like an owl studying all night.. and there is truth to it, as Owls they say represent all the wisdom and intellect in the world.. it's only fitting that you wear this watch with an Owl pendant if you are a student to check what time of the night it is when you are burning the midnight oil and becoming a nocturnal animal studying so hard.. 

O My Owl will surely wow and prove lucky as you are sure to fare well in the exams..! 


  • The Pendant is made from Alloy metal in Antique Gold Color. 
  • It shows an Owl face full of wide-eyed intellect. 
  • The Owl wings can be spread apart to see the Quartz watch inside. 
  • Japanese Quartz movement keeps accurate time. 
  • The pendant measures 1 and a half inches Long and the chain measures 34"Long.
  • Great gift for inspiring fun loving family and friends




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