Nice Nails Nail Care Auto Electric Nail Clipper

Nice Nails Nail Care Auto Electric Nail Clipper
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Nail Care is now super easy with this Auto Electric Nail Clipper.

Always look well-groomed and never worry about overgrown, half-broken nails. So convenient and efficient, just place it comfortably near the fingernail and turn it on, then move it gently from left to right. It's curvy shape and ergonomic user-friendly design will safely clip and trim the nails without noise or a mishap and file it for a smoother look and feel. It will work for about 25 mins and can be recharged with the USB charger. Take it with you on the backyard porch or put one in the travel pouch.
  • The curvy design makes it easy and foolproof to use.
  • Trims and also smoothes nails at the same time.
  • It comes with a rechargeable USB charger.
  • Compact and travel-friendly.




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