NEW Car FM Music Broadcaster with Bluetooth and Car Charger

NEW Car FM Music Broadcaster with Bluetooth and Car Charger Vista Shops
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NEW CAR FM Broadcaster with Bluetooth connection to your gadget plus a dual port USB charger. 

NON STOP Music is a reality from your phone to the car instantly with this NEW device that will broadcast the music to your Car's FM radio wirelessly and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. That is not all it has a 2 USB 2.0amp port to charge all kinds of gadgets at the same time.

Now you can listen to music, hear your GPS from your phone play on the car Radio and even hands free answer an incoming call.  Impossible you might say but it is not it is for real. This new device weighs under 2 oz. and only 3 inch long plugs into your car cigarette lighter and connects to nay smart gadget with Bluetooth. It even has LINE IN Jack for those who want to connect multiple devices you can plug them in to the 3.5mm jack proved in the broadcaster.

Compatible with all Apple and Samsung, Sony, HTC devices 


  • FM Broadcaster with Bluetooth connection. 
  • Dual USB 2.0amp charging ports
  • FM station Selector 
  • Line in jack 3.5mm
  • Cable included for Line in Jack 
  • A2DP Advanced Voice processing.
  • 30 ft. Bluetooth range with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible with: Apple All versions - iPhone, iPad, iTouch, mini, - Samsung - Galaxy, Note, Tab All Versions. SONY, HTC and any other device that play music via Bluetooth.
  • Hands-free Call answer when connected to Bluetooth.
  • Plugs into the Car cigarette Lighter as a power source no charging required.




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