Neutra Handbag 2 In 1 Crossbody and Shoulder Style

Neutra Handbag 2 In 1 Crossbody and Shoulder Style Vista Shops
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Welcoming and warm, Neutra handbag will go famously well with all of your colorful and vibrant dresses..

Neutra is so neutral, it will be loved immensely by you who passionately love colors and textures, for the simple reason is that when you are wearing vibrant colors and active prints , you need a solid companion that provides a calmness in contrast for the backdrop to look more lively and wholesome..

Express your personal style and make it come alive with Neutra.. 


  • It is made of 100% Cotton.
  • It has a Prewashed Cotton Canvas crossbody strap and a shoulder strap, 
  • It is versatile and roomy enough to accommodate your notebooks and iPad for school, or a pair or t-shirts for gym or coverups for the beach getaway.
  • The drawstring closure holds everything securely.
  • It comes in Neutral shades that you will adore like Clean Beige, Steel Grey, Neutral Navy and Classic Black.





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