Neck Flex Mini Massager With Remote

Neck Flex Mini Massager With Remote Vista Shops
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Tried hot showers and cold showers to reduce stiffness or inflammation in the neck? Try this Mini Massager With Remote.

Staring down on your phone and constantly gazing at the computer for work and fun can not only give you a poor posture, but also a pain in the neck. This universal neck massager with a remote provides a soothing effect and helps improve circulation in the neck, back and shoulders. It's a perfect portable device that gives ultimate relaxation from stiffness in the neck and helps release tight knots from the upper back or achy shoulder muscles. Treat yourself to relaxing neck and shoulder massages any time of the day or night with this messager with remote control; you can use one of the six pre-programmed settings to soothe away a long day. This massager features two-speed vibrations, an infrared heat element that penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, and a user-friendly remote control that allows you to use it without removing your hand from the massager.

Get fast, effective relief from acute or chronic muscular pain with Neck Flex.


    • Unique wireless technology enables you to enjoy hands-free massages. 
    • It comes in different sizes and intensity levels so you can select the massage as per your needs.
    • Use large pads for shoulders and back.
    • Use small pads for the neck, arm, and wrists.
    • Very convenient to use in the comfort of your home.
    • Space-saving and money-saving massager that you can carry on the go.   








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